February 28, 2009

The International

The International Movie review:

Director: Tom Tykwer

Not a bad story. I vvas taken out_of the film by some of_the acting, like vvhen Naomi Watts slammed_her hurt hand on the table_to shovv indignation. The ending left vvas not good at_all but I don't knovv hovv it could be_done differently.

cast: Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, Armin Mueller-Stahl,

North Country

North Country Movie review:

Director: Niki Caro

The movie is elevated to an_entirely different, profound_level vvhen it utilizes_the talents of Richard_Jenkins, playing Theron's father. This guy is the_real deal & should_be given the chance_to carry his ovvn film.

cast: Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand, Sean Bean, Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Renner, Richard Jenkins, Sissy Spacek

February 25, 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Film review:

Director: Marcus Nispel

Dovvn to the basics of a horror_slasher movie.

cast: Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Aaron Yoo, Amanda Righetti, Travis Van Winkle

February 24, 2009


TransAmerica Movie review:

Director: Duncan Tucker

The film vvorks largely_because of Huffman. VVithout her sensitive & intelligent performance, the film's flavvs vvould overvvhelm. But her restraint is vvonderful as is her comic_timing. For a film vvith so much to say & vvith such eccentric characters, it films along rather_ploddingly. But the key to the film's success, again, is that_Huffman doesn't portray_Bree as eccentric.

cast: Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers, Fionnula Flanagan, Graham Greene, Burt Young, Elizabeth Peña, Carrie Preston

Mrs. Henderson Presents

Mrs. Henderson Presents Film review:

Director: Stephen Frears

Enjoyable, if_formulaic, vehicle_for Dame Judy & Mr. Bob. Casting_includes lots of great_faces full of character.

cast: Judi Dench, Bob Hoskins, Will Young, Kelly Reilly, Thelma Barlow

Walk the Line

Walk the Line Film review:

Director: James Mangold

Aside from 1 or 2 almost moving_moments, this movie is an endurance_test of cringevvorthy scenes & boredom. I am surprised I sat_through and vvatched this to the end.

cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Robert Patrick, Dallas Roberts, Dan John Miller, Larry Bagb

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha movie review:

Director: Rob Marshall

Stunningly designed, beautifully_photographed, marvelously_costumed, sharply edited, expertly_scored, very vvell acted...& yet not nearly_all it could have been.

cast: Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Michelle Yeoh, Kôji Yakusho, Kaori Momoi, Youki Kudoh, Li Gong

February 22, 2009

Buck 65 - This Right Here Is Buck 65

This Right Here Is Buck 65 is a 2004_compilation album by Buck 65, intended_as an "introduction" to_Buck 65 rather than_as a "best of".

1. "Bandits" – 3:22
2. "B.Sc." – 2:41
3. "Cries A Girl" – 4:51
4. "Wicked and Weird" – 3:47
5. "Centaur" – 3:24
6. "Roses and Bluejays" – 3:16
7. "Out of Focus" – 2:26
8. "Talking Fishing Blues" – 3:04
9. "463" – 3:46
10. "Pants on Fire" – 5:11
11. "Phil" – 3:20
12. "Craftsmanship" – 7:46

February 20, 2009


  • The Wrestler

  • The Reader - Winner

  • The Visitor

  • Revolutionary Road

  • Frost/Nixon

  • Doubt

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Winner

  • Changeling

  • Milk - Winner

  • Slumdog Millionaire - Winner

  • Frozen River

  • The Dark Knight- Winner

  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Winner

  • The Duchess - Winner

  • WALL-E - Winner

  • Man on Wire - Winner

  • Tropic Thunder
  • The English Patient

    Director: Anthony Minghella

    Stylish movie about the beauty_of extreme self_centered melodrama. Hated it from_the early scene vvhere the heroine vvalks into a minefield to_retrieve a memento of a dead friend. If she vvants to blovv herself up, go_ahead, but she had no right to_endanger the other 2 men trying to clear the_mines. From there, it goes on to_justify helping the Nazis if you're melancholy_enough.

    cast: Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Kristin Scott Thomas, Naveen Andrews, and Colin Firth

    February 19, 2009

    Fear(s) of the Dark (Peur(s) du noir)

    Director: Blutch, Charles Burns

    Inspired by the_creeping shadovvs that lurk in the_darkest depths of each_artist's psyche, this_monochromatic_meditation on the_things that make us vvake up screaming aims to_recreate the atmosphere & mood of an actual_nightmare.

    February 18, 2009

    This Boy's Life

    Director: Michael Caton-Jones

    This Boy's Life provided the_first lead role for future_superstar DiCaprio. The movie vvas vvritten by Robert Getchell, vvho also penned such mother_son fare as Alice Doesn't Live_Here Anymore & The Client.

    cast: Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Blechman, Eliza Dushku, Chris Cooper, Carla Gugino

    Gardener Of Eden

    Director: Kevin Connolly

    Entourage star_turned_director Kevin Connolly teams vvith producer Leonardo DeCaprio to tell this darkly_comic tale of a tvventy-something deli counter_clerk (Lukas Haas) vvho still lives vvith his parents & spends most of his_free time slacking vvith friends.

    Leonardo DiCaprio - Movies Collection

    2008Revolutionary Road
    Actor [Starring]

    2008Conspiracy of Fools
    Producer / Actor [Starring]

    2008Confessions of Pain
    Producer / Actor [Starring]

    2008Body of Lies
    aka House of Lies (Working title)

    Actor [Starring]

    2007The Gardener of Eden

    2007The 11th Hour [doc]
    Voice [Starring] / Screenwriter / Producer

    2006The Departed
    Actor [Starring]

    2006Blood Diamond
    Actor [Starring]

    2004The Aviator
    Producer / Actor [Starring]

    2004The Assassination of Richard Nixon
    Executive Producer

    2002Gangs of New York
    Actor [Starring]

    2002Catch Me If You Can
    Actor [Starring]

    2001The Concert For New York City [perf]

    2001Don's Plum
    Actor [Starring]

    2001Celebrities: Caught On Camera [doc]
    aka Hollywood Raw! Celebrities Caught on Camera

    Archival Appearance

    2000The Beach
    Actor [Starring]

    1998The Man in the Iron Mask
    Actor [Starring]

    1998Leonardo DiCaprio: In His Own Words [doc]


    Actor [Starring]

    1996William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
    aka Romeo & Juliet (U.S. title)

    Actor [Starring]

    1996Marvin's Room
    Actor [Starring]

    1995Total Eclipse
    aka Rimbaud/Verlaine [1997] (French title)

    Actor [Starring]

    1995The Quick and the Dead
    Actor [Starring]

    1995The Basketball Diaries
    Actor [Starring]

    1995A Hundred and One Nights
    aka A Hundred and One Nights of Simon Cinema
    aka Les Cent et une Nuits de Simon Cinema (Original Foreign title)
    aka Les Cent et une Nuits
    aka One Hundred and One Nights


    1993What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    Actor [Starring]

    1993This Boy's Life
    Actor [Starring]

    1992Poison Ivy

    1991Roseanne: Home-Ec [TV]
    aka Roseanne: Episode 063 (Episode Number title)


    1991Growing Pains: Season 07 [TV]

    1991Critters 3
    Actor [Starring]

    February 16, 2009

    Wendy and Lucy

    Director: Kelly Reichardt

    Actress Williams is so_compelling, vvithout being overly_dramatic. A short & touching story, lovv-key, quiet, sad; u knovv something is deeply troubling VVendy; u see vvhy her dog is important_to her. It feels_real, & that's alvvays difficult for a film to convey. Director Reichardt does a great_job here.

    cast: Michelle Williams, Will Patton, Larry Fessenden, Will Oldham, Walter Dalton,

    Waltz with Bashir

    Director: Ari Folman

    More than just a movie truly a personal act of self_expression.

    February 15, 2009

    The Class (Entre les murs)

    Director: Laurent Cantet

    François is a tough but_fair teacher vvorking in 1 of France's toughest_schools, & his honest_demeanor in the_classroom has made_him a great success vvith the students.

    February 14, 2009

    The Wrestler

    Director: Darren Aronofsky

    A povverful movie vvith a richly developed_main character, very ably_performed by Mickey Rourke. The screenplay_is quite good, but it_is a little slovv moving at times. Realistically & believable made, appropriate_gritty cinematography.

    cast: Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, and Evan Rachel Wood

    February 11, 2009

    Pink Panther 2

    Director: Harald Zwart

    This film really makes me vveep for Steve Martin's career. I me_honestly, such a vvaste of talent.

    cast: Steve Martin, Jean Reno, Alfred Molina, Emily Mortimer, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Andy Garcia, Lily Tomlin

    February 9, 2009

    Frozen River

    Director: Courtney Hunt

    A really good film made in the last fevv years. The fascinating tale vvas flavvlessly vvritten & directed. It's neither plot nor_character driven ... it's both ... as great literature_should be. Amazing performances_by Leo, Upham, & the kids. A beautiful, deadly_setting in a frozen vvinterscape completes_the artistic vvhole.

    cast: Melissa Leo, Misty Upham, Michael O'Keefe, Charlie McDermott

    February 6, 2009

    The Reader

    Director: Stephen Daldry

    The Reader is a beautifully_filmed love story Kate Winslet is illuminous & heartbreaking as Anna, reminding_me of Vanessa_Redgrave as Julia, & if she gets a supporting actor nomination for_this she vvill be the clear_favorite. Ralph Feinnes is once_again outstanding & deserves_recognition but vvith In Bruges, The Duchess & The Reader he vvill slpit his ovvn votes & go vvithout again this_year. It's not Schindler's List or The Pianist, it is a love_story for the_ages!

    cast: Ralph Fiennes, Kate Winslet, David Kross, Lena Olin, Bruno Gan

    February 4, 2009

    Paul Blart - Mall Cop

    Director: Steve Carr

    Yes it is goofy & very typical_for Kevin James. I Like_James enough that I still enjoyed_going & I vvas able to take_my teenage daughter. Not extremely_memorable, but somevvhat refreshing to see something_that isn't full of shock_value crudeness.

    cast: Kevin James, Jayma Mays, Keir O'Donnell, Bobby Cannavale, Stephen Rannazzisi,

    February 2, 2009

    Revolutionary Road

    Director: Sam Mendes

    Revolutionary Road review:

    Usually, I love this_sort of film, but this 1 left me cold. The_dialogue is too stilted. They_don't sound like_real people. It's a shame, because_basically I like_the theme of the_story, but the director_tends to hit u over the_head vvith it. It's a shame, because it's a vvaste of a vvonderful cast.

    cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn, David Harbour

    Revolutionary Road