January 31, 2010

Edge Of Darkness (Mel Gibson) 2010

Casino Royale's Martin Campbell returns to familiar territory with this adaptation of his own 1985 BBC miniseries a mystery starring Mel Gibson as a detective looking into his political-activist daughter's death and uncovering layers of governmental conspiracies in the process. William Monahan (The Departed) provides the screenplay for the GK Films production, co-starring Ray Winstone and Danny Huston.
Starring Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, Shawn Roberts, Bojana Novakovic, Frank Grillo, and Gbenga Akinnagbe
director: Martin Campbell

January 29, 2010

A Single Man

summary: Fashion designer Tom Ford makes his directorial debut with this dramatic outing starring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, and Matthew Goode. Ford and David Scearce adapted the story from a book by Christopher Isherwood, which tells the tragic tale of a professor's loss of his longtime partner.
Starring: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Nicholas Hoult
Director: Tom Ford
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January 27, 2010

Julie & Julia (rapidshare dvdrip)

Good movie and a wonderful performance by Meryl Streep. Her chemistry with Stanley Tucci is unmissable. A total winner!
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January 25, 2010

Get Low (Directed by Aaron Schneider)

Inspired by the true story of Tennessee recluse (movieseed) Felix "Bush" Breazeale, who planned his funeral (movieseed) while he was still alive, director Aaron Schneider's period (movieseed) thriller stars Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek, and Lewis Black.
Director: Aaron Schneider

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Actor Paul Bettany and his real-life wife, Jennifer Connelly, (mvs) star as controversial English scientist Charles Darwin and his wife, Emily, in this (mvs) biopic adapted from Randal Keynes' book Annie's Box, (mvs) which tells the story of Darwin's (mvs) struggle to reconcile his religious views (mvs) following the death of his beloved daughter, Annie. (mvs) John Collee adapts Keynes' revelatory tome (mvs)(Keynes is Darwin's great-great grandson) for director Jon Amiel.
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Directed by: Jon Amiel

January 24, 2010

An Education

Slow and I'm sorry but not very interesting. (movieseed) The performances were all good, but I don't really understand all the Oscar buzz. (movieseed) Alfred Molina is pretty great in it, but the rest drags.

Directed by: Lone Scherfig

Hurt Locker, The

The Hurt Locker is a stunning & horrific (movieseed) achievement that will leave you with shattered tears. (movieseed) I would suggest not having any social plans after seeing this film, u might be too broken 4 speech. I only wish that (movieseed) those who bear the responsibility (movieseed) of bringing us to this tragic (movieseed) place could be forced to (movieseed) watch what they have so recklessly created. This movie borders on the masterful but proceed with caution.

Directed by: Kathryn Bigelow

January 18, 2010


This movie is nearly a complete failure. Difficult to watch, (movieseed) boring through most of its length, except 4 Cotillard's early scenes. (movieseed) The musical numbers are superfluous and totally unnecessary (movieseed) to the storytelling. A sad, alienating failure and a big step backward 4 the film musical genre.rapidshare, megaupload, HD, BluRay Rip, DVDr, Dvdrip, xvid, divx
Directed by: Rob Marshall

January 17, 2010

Up (animation film)

The movie is good, but nothing exciting about it. (movieseed) The 3D effects were worthless so I wouldn't pay any extra for it. (movieseed) After the amazing 3D for Monsters I don't think any (movieseed) 3D will be as good for a while.
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Red Cliff

Over exaggerated martial art. didn't stick (movieseed) to the history as we know from costume to item.

director: John Woo

January 16, 2010

Last Station

The final year of Russian socialist writer (movieseed) Leo Tolstoy's life comes to the screen with Christopher Plummer in the (movieseed) lead role and Helen Mirren portraying his wife, Sofya. (movieseed) Paul Giamatti, James McAvoy, and Anne-Marie Duff co-star in the Warner Bros. (movieseed) production, directed by Michael Hoffman from the novel by Jay Parini.
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Director: Michael Hoffman

January 15, 2010

A Serious Man

Filmmaking duo Joel and Ethan Coen write, produce, and direct this period black comedy set in 1967 concerning a Midwestern physics professor whose staid and stable life slowly begins to unravel after his wife announces that she's leaving him. As if the failure of his longtime marriage wasn't enough for Larry Gopnik (Tony-nominated Michael Stuhlbarg) to contend with, now his socially inept brother refuses to move out of the house as well. Larry is a modest man of science. Up to this point, his life has been uneventful at best, but things are about to get interesting. When his wife, Judith, announces that she is leaving him to move in with his smug colleague Sy Ableman, Larry does his best to contend with his failed marriage while barely tolerating his unemployable brother, Arthur, who appears to have grown roots on Larry's couch. Meanwhile, Larry's son, Danny, is getting into trouble at Hebrew school, and his daughter, Sarah, is stealthily snatching money from his wallet so she can afford a nose job. As Judith and Sy merrily begin making plans for their new life of domestic bliss together, Larry begins receiving a series of anonymous letters from someone who seems intent on sabotaging his chance for tenure at the university. To further complicate matters, a graduate student with failing grades is attempting to bribe the professor while simultaneously threatening him with a defamation lawsuit. Larry is in some serious need of equilibrium, though it's hard to focus on getting your life in order when your beautiful neighbor insists on sunbathing in the nude just outside your window. Perhaps by seeking the advice of three trusted rabbis, Larry can finally learn to cope with his afflictions and become a genuine mensch. A Serious Man is the second in a two-picture deal that the siblings made with Focus Features and Working Title. The first film in the deal, entitled Burn After Reading and starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Frances McDormand, was released nationwide in September 2008. rapidshare, megaupload, HD, BluRay Rip, DVDr, Dvdrip, xvid, divx
directed by: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

January 11, 2010

Lovely Bones ,The

Visionary Heavenly Creatures director Peter Jackson teams with (movieseed) longtime collaborators Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens (movieseed) to adapt author Alice Sebold's best-selling novel concerning a murdered (movieseed) young girl who watches from heaven as her family attempts to cope (movieseed) with their devastating loss, and tracks her killer as he stealthily covers his (movieseed) tracks and prepares to claim his next victim.rapidshare, megaupload, HD, BluRay Rip, DVDr, Dvdrip, xvid, divx
Director: Peter Jackson

January 9, 2010

Messenger, The

An Iraq War veteran who just narrowly escaped death (movieseed) in combat struggles with his new post at the Casualty Notification Office while (movieseed) anticipating his upcoming discharge in this military (movieseed) drama starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, Jena Malone, and Samantha Morton. (movieseed) Will Montgomery (Foster) has spent his fair share of time in army (movieseed) hospitals, and with just three months to go before returning to civilian (movieseed) life, he discovers that his girlfriend back home (Malone) has decided to move on with her life. (movieseed) Crestfallen, Will discovers that his latest hope 4 a fresh start will be training to work for the (movieseed) Casualty Notification Office (movieseed) under the mentorship of senior officer Tony (Harrelson). As someone who had a close (movieseed) brush with death himself, Will isn't sure that he's the man to tell families that their own loved (movieseed) ones will never be coming home. Thankfully, in between his assignments, (movieseed) Tony offers a sympathetic ear and the two men form a bond (movieseed) that will ultimately help them to readjust to "normal" life. But once you've been in the thick of it, any true hope for a "normal" life after the military is just(movieseed) wishful thinking. Later, Will is drawn to the grieving widow (Morton) of a (movieseed) fallen soldier, a development that forces him to ponder the ethical dilemma (movieseed) of starting a relationship with a woman in such a vulnerable position.
Directed by: Oren Moverman

Leap Year

Just saw Leap Year. While it was pretty predictable, (movieseed) I love Amy Adams and Matthew Goode was a fresh face. (movieseed)
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Directed by: Anand Tucker

January 7, 2010

Paper Heart

I hated just about every minute of Paper Heart. (movieseed) The two leads are so unattractive and annoying I had to fight (movieseed) the urge to flee the cinema. This is a faux-reality-documentary (movieseed) about, I guess, a journey find out what love is. I cared even less (movieseed) about this so-called mission. What piece of garbage.
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Directed by: Nicholas Jasenovec


Amreeka is genius not only because it (movieseed) offers the viewer a glimpse into the real life struggle of immigrants (movieseed) attempting to make in America, but also because it provides the necessary (movieseed) elements to draw the viewer in and entertain them- no matter what their background may be. (movieseed) Dealing with very serious elements such as the (movieseed) aftermath of the invasion of Iraq and the conflicts in the middle east is no easy task, (movieseed) but Cherien Dabis was able to do so in an optimistic and (movieseed) honest manner. Showing the reality of the human condition in a very (movieseed) humorous and real way. Yes, I was left with a better understanding of (movieseed) Arab-Americans and their struggles. But more importantly (movieseed) I was entertained and moved by the strong (movieseed) ensemble of characters and humbled by their struggle. (movieseed) At the end of it all, I felt that the film educated me, and thoroughly (movieseed) entertained me. I would highly recommend this to everyone.
Directed by: Cherien Dabis

January 6, 2010

Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The (DVDRip)

Bunuel watered down his cutting edge (movieseed) surrealism into sitcom material. Too self-satisfied and satiated in its critique of bourgeois (movieseed) society, too glib to the point of flattering the bourgeoisie for its amusing absurdities; (movieseed) rather toothless but Bunuel, an old man by then, could be forgiven and indulged with his lifelong obsessions.rapidshare, megaupload, HD, BluRay Rip, DVDr, Dvdrip, xvid, divx
Directed by: Luis Buñuel

January 5, 2010

Perfect Sleep, The

A noisy and violent thriller, a plot that (movieseed) becomes absurd with too many characters and none of them with much depth.(movieseed) Tedious at times, methodical and empty. Unpleasant.
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Directed by: Jeremy Alter

January 4, 2010

Fourth Kind, The (Starring Milla Jovovich)

In 1972, a scale of measurement was established for alien encounters. When a UFO is sighted, it is called an encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it is known as an encounter of the second kind. When contact is made with extraterrestrials, it is the third kind. The next level, abduction, is the fourth kind. This encounter has been the most difficult to document...until now. (Universal Pictures)
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