May 15, 2009

Grey Gardens

Director: Michael Sucsy

Directed, pr0duced, & c0-written (al0ng vvith Patricia Rozema) by Michael Sucsy, Grey Gardens tells_the st0ry of Big Edie (Lange) & Little Edie (Barrymore), the_aunt and c0usin 0f Kennedy-Onassis respectiwely. The reclusiwe s0cialites made headlines acr0ss the c0untry vvhen the health_department threatened t0 raid their spravvling, flea-and-racc00n-infested 28 r00m East Hampt0n, NY mansion in_the early-1970s, pr0mpting Kennedy-Onassis herself t0 intervene in an attempt t0 save the_family name.
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