November 17, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Review

Directed by: Spike Jonze

I never do these things, never comment or follow through with films after seeing them (unless with friends). Nevertheless, this movie was stunning. My vocabulary is limited and my mind is weary after seeing the 12 O'clock showing, but I will try to express how I feel. Every frame in this movie could be a photograph, every interaction between the characters is captured so strongly through the cinematography and the perfect setting (Australia). The Wild Things are all brilliantly played out and the pacing of the film is hurried (to accentuate the childlike impulsiveness of Max's mind). As a forewarning, this is not a film for children. It is a brutally dark and emotional film. The simple message from the story, some may have a problem with this, has been expanded into something incredibly large. It has become a tale about self reflection and allowing your mind to look at itself in order to learn what you are doing wrong. Max, the main character, is childish and immature. His anger is often untamed and he allows his sadness turn into aggression. The Wild Things are all branched out of his personality though and he has the opportunity to observe himself from an outside perspective. Its all so simply developed and displayed. There is not a moment in this movie that is misplaced or lacking of beauty.

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