January 7, 2010


Amreeka is genius not only because it (movieseed) offers the viewer a glimpse into the real life struggle of immigrants (movieseed) attempting to make in America, but also because it provides the necessary (movieseed) elements to draw the viewer in and entertain them- no matter what their background may be. (movieseed) Dealing with very serious elements such as the (movieseed) aftermath of the invasion of Iraq and the conflicts in the middle east is no easy task, (movieseed) but Cherien Dabis was able to do so in an optimistic and (movieseed) honest manner. Showing the reality of the human condition in a very (movieseed) humorous and real way. Yes, I was left with a better understanding of (movieseed) Arab-Americans and their struggles. But more importantly (movieseed) I was entertained and moved by the strong (movieseed) ensemble of characters and humbled by their struggle. (movieseed) At the end of it all, I felt that the film educated me, and thoroughly (movieseed) entertained me. I would highly recommend this to everyone.
Directed by: Cherien Dabis

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