October 27, 2010

The TOWN ( Director & Casting: Ben Affleck ) & HD Trailer

This movie shows that Ben Affleck has completed his career_turnaround and it shows he belongs in the list of elite directors. In The Town, a story of a group of bank robbers, Affleck is able to show us the_layouts of Boston, give us some epic action sequences, and some amazing performances from the cast. Affleck, Hall, and Renner show that they are actors with a mission and that mission is an Academy Award. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if any of them are nominated this year. Hamm is not given enough to work with and can't make his character seem appealing to anyone. Lively was a pleasant surprise and turned out a good role completely away from her Gossip Girl style. While Cooper and Postelwaithe are not n the movie for long, they milk the little time they have to churn out great performances. Overall this film will keep you thoroughly entertained and has enough substance to make a legitimate run at this year's awards.

The Town - Official Trailer [HD]

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