December 27, 2009

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

I went in to this film with zero expectations, (movieseed) and no prejudice as to what i should expect. (movieseed) I was slightly disappointed when the (movieseed) originally planned film was sold out but (movieseed) I thought at the very least there (movieseed) would be some laughs to (movieseed) be had with this film. I was wrong! (movieseed) While much of the audience was (movieseed) laughing (??) i found the jokes (movieseed) to be present but incredibly forced. (movieseed) Grant and Parker did great (movieseed) acting when they hated each other but, (movieseed) the chemistry that (movieseed) was supposed to (movieseed) show up NEVER did. (movieseed) The only parts I found to be (movieseed) particularly funny were (movieseed) involving a rather (movieseed) absent minded blonde (movieseed) and I was the only (movieseed) one that laughed. This film felt punishing to sit through!

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