December 29, 2009


Actor Morgan Freeman portrays anti-apartheid (movieseed)activist and former South African president (movieseed) Nelson Mandela in this Clint Eastwood-helmed political drama (movieseed) adapted from author John Carlin's book (movieseed) The Human Factor: Nelson Mandela (movieseed)and the Game That Changed the World. (movieseed) Set just after the fall (movieseed) of apartheid and during Mandela's first term in (movieseed) office, The Human Factor (movieseed) explores how the political prisoner-turned-president (movieseed) used the 1995 Rugby World Cup (movieseed)which was hosted by South Africa (movieseed) as a means of bringing blacks and whites together (movieseed) after decades of violence and mistrust. (movieseed) Matt Damon co-stars in the Warner Bros. production as rugby player Francois Pienaar.
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directed by: Clint Eastwood

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