February 9, 2010


review: I had a bit of a problem with the [eflm] way you continually said “Arab, Jewish and Christian”. Arab is a race, not a religion, there are [eflm] Jewish Arabs and Christian Arabs. I believe what you meant to say was “Muslim, Jewish and Christian”, [eflm] or you probably meant how Arabs as a race are frequently [eflm] separated from the rest of the [eflm] population in that area of the world (Slingshot Hip Hop [eflm] shows an example of this as a cop [eflm] harasses a young man for speaking [eflm] Arabic on his cell phone to his mother). 7/10

Movie Details
Year: 2009
Genres: Drama
Types: Ensemble Film
Countries:Israel, Germany
Directed by: Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani

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