February 9, 2010

Avatar Review

review: Avatar seriously made me [hbudg] wonder how far we can advance in film-making. It is probably the most [hbudg] breathtaking movie I'v ever seen. Have to start with the visuals. [hbudg] The CGI is incredible and you can definitely tell it is the most expensive film ever made. [hbudg] The world they create really makes you want to book your tickets to g...o there. [scfi] The love between the two main characters is good. [hbudg] The backstory is great, and the storyline progresses well. Some great acting, especially from [hbudg] the woman playing the female alien, using motion capture. It had its flaws. [hbudg] Most notably for me was a lot of cheesy and laughable dialogue.8/10

Movie Details
Year: 2009
Genres: Science Fiction
Types: Sci-Fi Action
Attributes: High Production Values, High Budget
Directed by: James Cameron
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