February 15, 2011

Top Korean Films (best of korean movie list and reviews)

1. Madeo (mother)

This interesting Korean film of suspense and mystery revolves around a relationship between a mother and son. The son is accused of murdering a teenage girl and goes to jail for it. The mother is desperately trying to prove his innocence by tracking down the true killer.

The movie pace is slow and tension continues to build. As a viewer, you will begin to see the estranged relationship between mother and son. It is more on the disturbing side and stereotypically found in smaller, rural towns such as the setting in the film.

The ending is not much of a surprise and in the end, it's as the old saying goes, "like mother, like son."

All the acting is done superbly and extremely believable especially the jobs done by the actress and actor of the mother and son. This is not a film easy to digest as it is disturbing like other Korean movies like "Old Boy" or "The Scarllet Letter." I enjoyed the other two a bit more as they both had a more revealing ending as opposed to this.

2. The Chaser

This film takes the cake, the whole cake and the bakery. If you like Old Boy this film is about to rock your senses, the truth my mouth was hanging and my arms were limp i was stunned at the greatness of this movie.

3. Windstruck

If you are in love with Jun Ji Hyun, then this movie is what the doctor ordered. It may be a sappy love story but Jun Ji Hyun never looked better.
I've seen all of her movies except her latest Blood:The Last Vampire. In my opinion Windstruck and Il Mare are as good as My Sassy Girl. If you aren't a huge Jun Ji Hyun fan or a fan of Korean tear jerkers, then Windstruck is probably not for you.

4. Tae Guk Gi - The Brotherhood of War

I've seen alot of good war movies, but this one is by far the best. Was realistic, entertaining and you actually felt what kinda bond these two brothers had. It is long but worth every minute. One of a few war movies that makes me cry. Very very touching. Should be a crime not to watch it. Only problem is it is dubbed and subtitled, but doesn't take away from the drama at all.

5. The Way Home

This is a great film, I was moved by the story. This brings me back to my childhood, remembering my own grandmother and how she has shown unconditional love for her children and grandchildren. What makes this story so great is that it seems to take you back in time, even though it is set in the present, it took me back when I was a child. Also the old lady who played the grandmother is not an actress, she is amazing...and to hink she has never even seen a movie before. She was so real- a natural. This may take the adults back in time but this is a good movie to watch by the entire family, the children of our generation should learn from it. Nowadays, respectful kids are hard to find, in this day and age of hi-tech gadgets and toys, and a lot of materialism they learn from commercials, films, etc...This will somehow send a message to the generation of today and the future that we should not forget our loved ones and show respect to our elders. This definitely made me cry in the end. I have added this film to my archive of all time favorite.

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