September 16, 2011

Bunraku (2010)

Bunraku is a 2011 martial-arts action film written and directed by Guy Moshe based on a story by Boaz Davidson. The film stars Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Ron Perlman, Kevin McKidd, and Gackt and is scheduled for limited release on September 30, 2011. Bunraku follows The Drifter (Hartnett) and samurai Yoshi (Gackt) in their quest to kill the crime lord Nicola (Perlman). The title Bunraku is derived from a 400-year-old form of Japanese puppet theater, a style of storytelling that uses 4-foot (1.2 m)-tall puppets with highly detailed heads, each operated by several puppeteers who blend into the background wearing black robes and hoods.


Josh Hartnett as The Drifter
Woody Harrelson as The Bartender
Gackt as Yoshi, a swordsman from Japan
Kevin McKidd as Killer No. 2, lieutenant to Nicola
Ron Perlman as Nicola/The Woodcutter, crime boss of the East coast and powerful warrior
Demi Moore as Alexandra, a courtesan
Shun Sugata as Uncle, Yoshi's Uncle
Jordi Molla as Valentine
Emily Kaiho as Momoko, Yoshi's cousin

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