September 12, 2011

Chalet Girl (2011) Screenshots

Chalet Girl is a 2011 British romantic comedy film directed by Phil Traill. The film stars Felicity Jones, Bill Bailey, Sophia Bush, Ed Westwick, Brooke Shields and Bill Nighy. The film was produced by Pippa Cross, Harriet Rees, Dietmar Guentsche and Wolfgang Behr, and written by Tom Williams. It was filmed on location in Sankt Anton am Arlberg, Austria and in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Critical reaction to the film was mixed, but overall praised Felicity Jones in the leading role.


Kim Mathews (Felicity Jones) was a former skateboarding champion before she was in a fatal car accident with her and her Dad (Bill Bailey), her mom was the only one that died. Kim gives up skateboarding and begins working in fast food burger bar to pay for bills at home. When she and her dad needed more money to pay off the bills, Kim goes looking for a job that pays better. At first she gets turned down as she isn't 'posh' enough, but later gets called back to be a Chalet Girl in the Alps. Chalet Girl Georgie (Tamsin Egerton) is sent to help Kim out but doesn't seem to like her as she is anything but posh or glamorous and she can't ski or snowboard as she has never been to the Alps. Kim is instantly attracted to rich son of Richard(Bill Nighy) and Caroline's (Brooke Shields) son Johnny (Ed Westwick), although he is taken by his five year girlfriend Chloe (Sophia Bush). As Kim is living next to the mountains she tries to teach herself to Snowboard although she fails. Mikki (Ken Duken), seeing her struggle helps her out and teaches her to snowboard. He notices that she has a natural talent. He persuades her to try out to win a snowboarding competition to win $25,000. Georgie begins to become friends with Kim and later finds out it is her birthday. She takes Kim to a club were they evidently get drunk. She persuades Kim to take the party back to where they are staying, as the family are out. Georgie, Kim, Mikki and Georgie's friend, Amy (Abbie Dunn) are in the hot tub and they are fully naked. Georgie and Mikki continue to hook up. When Kim gets out of the tub to shovel snow on herself, the family return home and see her naked. Georgie and Kim then proceed to clean the house and pay back for any damage that was down to the house. Kim continues to work on her snowboarding skills and tries to concur her fear of the high jumps as it brings back the memory of the car crash. Kim and Johnny become closer and when they family are going to leave again he stays behind, obviously to spend more time with Kim. Johnny pays her to teach him how to snowboard although it only ends up with them falling all over each other and then eventually kiss. Bernhard (Gregor Blo├ęb) spots them and tells Johnny's mother. Kim and Johnny are then seen kissing in the house which leads them to having sex. In the morning Caroline(Johnnys mother) catches them and gives away the fact that johnny is proposed to Chloe. Kim packs her stuff and leaves the house completly distraught. As she is going to leave for home her Dad persuades her to stay and try and win the competition as it would have been what her mother wanted. At his and Chloe's engagment party, johnny breaks up with Chloe after five years in a relationship, stating that he is in fact in love with Kim. After hearing the news of their break up Kim appears to not care about johnny anymore. Mikki and Kim enter the competition. Mikki fails to make the high jump and ends up breaking his arm, which takes him out of the chance of winning. Kim does well on all obstacles until she gets to the high jump, she stops as she remembers the car accident again. Although she doesn't make a place in the top 20 to be in the final, she is the first reserve having come 21st. When the finals come world champion Tara (Tara Dakides, as herself) pulls out and gives up her chances of winning to Kim. Kim makes all obstacles and jumps finally letting go of the accident. She wins. Johnny having come back after breaking up with Chloe, tries to make Kim forgive him.She does and they kiss. Kim also gets the prize money.

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