March 18, 2010

44 Inch Chest

review: This movie was truthfully shocking! (Black Comedy) Colin's (Ray Winstone) wife cheats on him... they lock the french guy (Crime Drama) (who doesn't speak one word in the movie) she cheated on her husband with in a wardrobe (extramarital-affair) in a derelict house, that has electricity?!.. (philandering) they then talk to the wardrobe- well swear at it, using stupid quotes, (waiter/waitress) trying far too hard to be classic lines and appear as good as (Hostage Situations) the Snatch, Fightclub or Lock Stock storyline! then they go on and (Out For Revenge) let him out of the wardrobe... swear at him.. then let him go.. movie over! (Treacherous Spouses) The word C**t was excessively used.. (Kidnapping) annoyed me a lot! And they just seemed like old guys, bar one trying (extramarital-affair) to be gangsters! so so disappointing!

Film Details:
Directed by: Malcolm Venville
Genres: Drama
Countries: UK

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