March 10, 2010

Brooklyn's Finest

review: I just got back from seeing Brooklyn's Finest. The movie is a crime/drama about three intertwining stories (Drug Content) of police officers in Brooklyn, New York. (Sexual Situations) It stars Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes.

The first story features Ethan Hawke, (Profanity) a family man and police officer who has about 4 kids and is expecting twins. (Nudity) He does not have much money so he decides to start killing drug (Graphic Violence) dealers and stealing their drug money.But how long can he keep (Intersecting Lives) it up before he gets caught or killed? The second story features (Going Undercover) Don Cheadle, a cop who has been undercover in the drug (Nail-biters) trade for quite some time, and he wants out.However, he does form a (violence throughout) bond with one of the drug dealers(Wesley Snipes). (Gritty) The third story features Richard Gere, an old police officer who is about to retire. (Bleak) He is an alcoholic who does not care about his job.When he finds out that a (Profanity) missing girl has become a prostitute who works for some (Bleak) violent pimps, he decides to save her.

The performances are very good. (Police Corruption) It was interesting to see Ethan Hawke, who played a straight-laced (Graphic Violence) rookie cop in Training Day, to play a somewhat corrupt cop in this movie. This movie is also Wesley Snipes first theatrically released movie since 2004. (Bleak)He plays a drug dealer though definitely not as crazy as the dealer (Intersecting Lives) he played in "New Jack City".Brooklyn's Finest was an interesting (Nail-biters) and entertaining crime/drama and if you like the genre, (Bleak) then you should definitely check this film out.

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