March 9, 2010

The Secret In Their Eyes (El Secreto De Sus Ojos)

review: This film is about a man working in the (oscarwinner) Justice Department trying to find justice in a rape and murder case, even with lots (oscarwinner) of obstacles and after 25 years has passed.
"The Secret in Their Eyes" has a very well written plot. (oscarwinner) The story is told engagingly in an interwoven series of flashbacks and the present time, (oscarwinner) but it is never confusing. There are slow parts, and the constant dialog makes it hard for me to keep up (oscarwinner) with the subtitles. However, the plot is still told in an engaging manner, that makes viewers (oscarwinner) connect and sympathise with the characters' tragedy and the injustice behind it. (oscarwinner) The ending is very powerful, I find myself holding my breath for fear of missing any bit of information (oscarwinner) due to my breathing sound. It's that intense!

Director: Juan José Campanella

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